Calabria is at the toe of the boot, the extraordinary south of Italy – lapped by the magnificent blue Ionian and Tyrrhenian Oceans and next to Sicily. The warm atmosphere, the lovely shades of the ocean, rough drifts that other with sandy seashores, a nature that is wild, food made fresh, and the long history of Greeks and Romans make Calabria an extraordinary spot that vacationers can appreciate in both winter and summer.

It has mountains, three national parks (Aspromonte, Pollino, and Sila), 500 miles of coastline, turquoise waters, and rolling, green hills lined with olive, orange, and lemon trees.

Calabria is a land of intense emotions and hospitality is very natural for Calabresi who live there; nonetheless about the cuisine, which is rich, tasty and many times spiced with peperoncino.

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I learned a great deal about Calabrian cuisine from Luciano. Luciano knew his topic and was a delight! What better way is there than to learn about Calabria through its food.



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“Wonderful Tour, lovely guide and would highly recommended it to anyone wanting to know Calabria out of the typical tourist areas”


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“This food tour was excellent and my husband and I were so happy we did it! Luciano taught us about local Calabria cuisine and customs while taking us to delicious food places..”

Chef Luciano will lead you on this unforgettable food tour.

Explore the heart and soul of southern Italy!

The picturesque scenery of Calabria will one-day beckon hordes of people because nowhere else can one view such a beautiful panorama of nature. Tall, snow-tipped mountains give way to thick luscious forests, white sand beaches, sapphire coastlines and crystal oceans.
Calabria hosts several world-class seaside resorts as well as wonderful mountain top resorts dedicated to winter sports. Tourists will also enjoy watching local artisans produce any number of handicrafts, pottery and ceramics being the most common. Local restaurants serve the finest in Mediterranean influenced foods.

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Most of the cuisine of Calabria is heavily influenced by the Mediterranean. Pasta dishes involving peppers, onions and sausage sauteed with or without sauce are very common. Eggplant is a favourite dish in the region and is served in a variety of ways. Calabria cuisine is often very spicy and sometimes involves the use of chilli
peppers. Seafood in all its forms is highly popular as well as pork.
Calabria is still being discovered by tourists. The natural beauty of the area has not been spoiled by hotel chains and fast food. There are no huge crowds to contend with. The mountains still shine down beautifully, the coast is still clear and uncomplicated, the food is still indigenous to the region, and the people are still living the Italian way. Destinations like Calabria will not stay perfect forever.
Right now Calabria is a perfect vacation spot for the nature lover, scuba diver, sunbather, shopper, and history connoisseur alike. The Calabrian landscape with its ancient relics and modern farmsteads is a wonder to behold. The region is rich with art, religion, history, and culture. There is something for everyone in Calabria.

Although this is a region of sheepherders, Calabrians consume more pork than lamb. Pork is used to make Prosciutto, Pancetta DOP, Salsiccia DOP, Soppressata DOP,  Capocollo di Calabria DOP, and   Nduja, a sausage flavoured with sweet and spicy peppers.

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Calabria, delicious food and traditions!

The Caciocavallo is no doubt one of the most ancient and typical kinds of ropy paste cheese from Southern Italy. Scamorza, Pecorino and Ricotta are widely made in the whole Region. Buffalo Mozzarella is also a very niche product from Corigliano Calabro.